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A tribute to unlimited growth. Named after the Liana Vine, one of the most recognizable plants of the rain forest. They begin on the forest floor and can grow over 3000 feet with the help of other plants and trees to support them along the way.
This is the first high end collaboration between myself and lapidary artist Clay Collins aka Tronic Rocks who carved the center stone.
~Fantasy carved Chrysoprase cut by Clay Collins.
~1.5 ct. Emerald facet, Muzo, Columbia
~Indicolite Cats Eye Tourmaline, Barra De Salinas, Brazil
~Gold Crystal, Venezuela
~Blue Zircon facet x 2, Cambodia
~Tanzanite facet x 2, Tanzania
~Blue Sapphire facet, Thailand
~Sterling silver
~Dimensions: 1.75" x 2.5"

Image of Liana Image of Liana Image of Liana Image of Liana